InshoreAction Charters can help you land a tarpon during the exciting summer season, whether you are a Florida resident, or visiting the state.

Charter Rates – InshoreAction

Inshore  Trips


In January and February, we typically target speckled seatrout, redfish, snook, and sheepshead. If the weather permits we will go after tripletail, cobia, pompano, snapper, and flounder.

In March and April, the water temperatures start to climb and a lot of migratory species begin to make an appearance. This is when we get abundant pushes of Spanish mackerel, Kingfish, sharks, cobia, black drum, and pompano. The snook and redfish bite is really going off as well; it’s not uncommon to have multiple hookups at once!

During August-December, we’ll continue to hunt the tarpon as their number begin to dwindle, but our focus will switch back to big schools of redfish,  snook, permit, cobia, big sharks, and lots of snapper and grouper.

All rates include 1-3 people. Additional people are $50 each up to a maximum of 6.
Half Day – (4 hour) : $600
3/4 Day – (6 hour) :$800
Full day – (8 hour) : $950

Nearshore Trips (5-20 miles offshore)


Nearshore trips are a great experience for all skill levels. Typically, you catch a huge variety of fish, and the action can be as automatic as every bait down. Our usual catches include species such as hogfish, gag grouper, red grouper, mangrove snapper, lane snapper, yellowtail snapper, cobia, triggerfish, white grunt, porgy, king mackerel and huge sharks, but you just never know what your going to tangle with out there. Because of the nature our local weather, I ask that people booking nearshore trips keep in mind that, should the weather not allow us to go offshore, we may have to consider alternating to an inshore trip for the sake of safety and to ensure everyone has the best experience possible!

All rates include 1-3 people. Additional people are $100 each up to a maximum of 6.
Half Day – (4 hour) : $750
3/4 Day – (6 hour) :$1000
Full day – (10 hour) : $1500

Offshore Trips(20+ miles offshore)

Starting July, 2024

With the coming of a new boat to our lineup, Capt. Matt will start hosting offshore trips after tarpon season, 2024. This will include trips targeting red snapper, African pompano, tuna, wahoo, amberjack, and larger varieties of big snapper and grouper. These trips will be between 30-80 miles offshore typically and will be focused on catching the biggest fish possible and catching some groceries as well. Using live and dead bait, vertical jigs, and trolling methods, we are sure to find plenty of action!

All rates are for 1-3 people. Additional people are $100 each up to a maximum of 6. A fuel surcharge will also be imposed on all offshore trips. A typical trip burns about 1 gallon per mile round trip for an estimate.
3/4 Day – (6 hour) :$1200
Full day – (~12 hour) : $1800

Tarpon Fishing Trips

April -September

Beginning in April, and running through September, is a time of year that I look forward to all year long, it’s TARPON season!! Summer months mean warm temperatures, and hot action! I will be on the water seven days (and sometimes nights) a week following these prehistoric dinosaurs around and tracking their patterns to insure that we have the best possible shot at landing a catch of a lifetime. Outside of the tarpon realm, there is still a huge variety of other fish to be caught, with the big snapper and grouper moving in to make a tasty by-catch. Our average fish from April through June is usually 80-175 pounds, with a handful of 200 pounders caught every year. After these fish head offshore to spawn in early July, our average fish tend to be around 25-75 pounds. This usually allows us to catch higher numbers of fish in a day, and is great for getting someone into tarpon fishing for the first time, as the fish can be brought boat-side in 5-10 minutes.

All rates include 1-3 people. Additional people are $100 each up to a maximum of 6.    
3/4 Day – (5-6 hour) : $1000
Full day – (8-12 hour) : $1500


Interested in going on a fishing charter with InshoreAction? Give me a call for an up-to-date report on what’s biting, and to book your trip! You can reach me by phone call or text at (727) 744-8728, or you can send an email to [email protected] with any questions you may have.

Also, check out my social media feeds on Facebook and Instagram for recent charters pics of the action!

Landed a pair of big tarpons during a summer charter, and had to pose with them next to the boat.